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Meaning : PLEASURE SEEKER...  " is a massage that I created to help you better understand your body and its  sensual needs , this can take place on the floor or the table , but  preferably  the floor if you are weighing more than 275 lbs, otherwise it can be too risky  and the table could break, because it has before. We both can  be  comfortable because the  floor is padded,. So depending on  how much you weigh or if you  are a bodybuilder and we know that muscle  weighs more than fat. So if you come weighing more then the weight above. I may or may not be able to do the TANTRU with you. It's called the pleasure seeker, because of the exploration of two bodies without me  using my  hands, I just use my body .  I use a  light unscented  oil , so there is no messy gel to clean up.  You should be because there is no pulling or gripping of the skin when  slide ........I am in control the entire time so all  you  have to do is relax and enjoy this  "body sliding massage.  while I show you  the many  benefits of  relaxed & submission.   Its  called TANTRU  for a reason and I created it   a  form of  massaging  that is TANTRA & NURU a combo of both called  : the  body SLIDE " Which I think you will  quite enjoy.

This  experience  can give you  the kind of satisfaction  you get of feeling complete sensually without sex, but  stress free and the  experience that you will truly enjoy ......... So in order to get this amazing experience, we both must be comfortable or it will be awkward and neither one of us will  be able to. 

  New clients  may have  a  misunderstanding  sometimes that this may be a thing of intimacy but its nothing more than what I describe it to be  ...... You must be respectful .......You have to  understand I have boundaries if you go beyond those boundaries you will not get to  explore the next step of  TANTRU PLEASURE SEEKER"   and it is amazing  but I will stop the session immediately and your time with me  will end as well ......  So please be respectful  at all times .............



                                                                                                     EXPLANATION OF  THE TANTRU MASSAGE

Guy's  If you do not know what a TANTRU  body slide is  then maybe you SHOULD NOT  BE ASKING  FOR THIS PARTICULAR TYPE OF MASSAGE..........Besides  if you have to ask me to explain it , then  maybe it's not the thing for you, I feel if I have to explain it then you will not understand it anyway, besides its not a basic massage, therefore it's not  a cheap massage but it is worth it and I stake my reputation on it & Why? Because I  created it . I'm sorry  but I  don't have time to explain it, because I get rather busy and cannot text  you the explanation of it all ....... I explained it to my daughter  (Tiffany) the one who answers the phone for me, she's never had one, never done one,  but even she knows what it is......So now she can explain it to you, if needed .......Otherwise you can  just  read about it on this site if you want this type of massage then  you can ask for it by name" which is pronounced (TAN-TRUE).  This  type of   massage,  is not for all men , but a man  who enjoys a little more  splurging on himself  and think's he is worth it  who works hard, but plays harder, this massage is for  that guy who likes bungee jumping, or skydiving , Hypothetically we're speaking , someone who likes to gamble that enjoys life  not someone who has to save up for 6 months but then never really enjoys anything cause he feels guilty or hates himself for spending the money&  hates the fact that he spent  the money on himself and shows nothing for it, of course that's the way he thinks so he would rather be more sexual which would end a lot faster  anyway due to the lack of control he doesn't have,  it's  not for  the guy who doesn't appreciate the art of it ,because he is in too much of a rush to enjoy  it.  There is a whole process to it and I don't want someone to feel as if he is being ripped off do to the lack of MISUNDERSTANDING  he might have.  So if  you are  that guy who  has to  save up for it ,that  feels guilty or  probably never really  will truly enjoy it no more then you would  a quickie with some girl and that almost always ends abruptly........So instead take the time to build up to it, enjoy  the energy of it all and  if you're thinking that its  just another NURU MASSAGE its not"  however but its close to it , I don't use gel , I don't roll around in the floor getting all messy and you don't need a shower..... However though it is  similar, and I use a light oil  but its easy to clean up....... A TANTRU MASSAGE  is the ultimate erotic  massage .....So please just read about  it and  if you want an erotic massage..........I can  do one thing that will blow your mind ,and  that is the TANTRU MASSAGE  there are reviews to prove it,  I  will give you the ultimate relaxation   and make you feel  like you had an mind altering experience " THE TANTRU MASSAGE is not about intimacy , It is about a mind blowing erotic massage experience..........that will make you feel like you left your body and returned in full bliss mode ......I Hope this helps you to understand it better.  


                                ( TANTRA)

The experience goes beyond the normal   body massaging  providing you with the ultimate sensation of tantric healing and ecstatic pleasure.  Controlling the out come of  releasing  you into a stress free feeling of everyday stress that builds up .......

We all have our limits of stress, that we cannot control  so when we  are at our wits end and you are stress out to the max  call  me  and  I will try give you something you  might  have never tried  before. Something that will relax and you make you feel at ease, lighter and  before you even know what happened  something amazing will happen to you & your body ....

Your mind starts to race your body starts to hit that peak, you will want to know what is happening to you, you might tremble get so excited and  then all of the sudden your body starts to calm down and you will feel  as if you just had a epiphany  and I will show you how to start to relax again after all  you started out that way, its   the kind of stress relief & release  that helps to relieve your body  in many ways you could never imagine  you won't forget this and your body will be totally relaxed.

You will feel rewarded for the first time, probably more  than you have been before. But I can't tell or explain this, I have to show you this particular experience is  $175  because this is very unique .  In the video ,I only show you what I want you to see but to experience it  you must come in... THE VIDEO DOES NOT SHOW  TO COMPLETION... THERE IS ONE !