Getting to know me 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Please read this before you decide to make a decision or appointment to come and see me , it's very important that you  understand what I do and what I don't do so please take the time to read further so you know what I am all about. 

 I  would like to think that your  experience with me will be a pleasant one. and if this is your first time visiting my website , please take the time to  fill out my submission form helping me to get to know you a little bit better,and what are you are looking for, before you come and visit me. I want to welcome you and tell you a little about myself  Karma Rejuvenation  and the  benefits it offers you  and what you will  get out of  one of my massage or  massage packages . 

First time you come to see me we chat for a minute getting to know one another, So you will be comfortable enough so  we can began our session, I will ask  you what type of massage session  you are interested in if you haven't already put it in the comments when filling out the submission form.  

If you look on the rates page you will find the rates of my massages  plus the length of time  I do them , I am sorry but I  do not offer 15 minutes  or 30 minute sessions   there is no point  in a short massage, there is no benefits to them, I only do 1 hour or longer up to 2.5  hours, the max. 

 Also I have set up a new  subscription plan for those that want to come and see me  on a regular basis but always have to stop at the bank for cash  and  for most of you that do come to see me frequently I have set up  a monthly  subscription plan on the submission form page. This  might be a better deal for you...  I will be running it until further notice. I am the only  MT  as far as I know that does the  TANTRA & TANTRU  

SO I hope I will see you in the near future, please read further very important  



I am not a provider, that means no sexual service.  If you want a provider, than look elsewhere. Do not offer me extra money I will politely turn you down,and  if you insist, I will  block you & not answer any of  your calls and politely ask  you to not  contact me again. Most of my clients know how I am, you  just  read my reviews and you will  understand  me a little bit  better. I promise, I will do my very best to accomodate you so you can  walk away stress free,  but  asking me for any sexual services, will be your first & only time you will be contacting me. You will be coming to see me, for a massage, sensual massage but not sex..... I hope that  will not deter you away from my services if you are not looking for any sexual services.   because my dear gents, there are plenty of providers out there young & beautiful, and who will give you what you are looking for. However but no one can give you a massage like me. 



"May your troubles be less and your blessing's be more,

and nothing but happiness comes through the door."

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