Call Kathryn (908) 906-4097  

 Do a review after your first visit with me and about your experience and get a second discount" on your second visit

If you want to pay with card or paypal before you arrive you may do so " Thank you 

Now you have the option when you to fill out the submission form when you choose options 1,2 or 3.   so there is no misunderstanding when we meet....Option 1 is a regular massage and then option 2 and three are for the tantra & tantru packages... Check out the massage page first and then decide on your option .   Thank you Kathryn...

 I just wanted to let everyone know I hired my daughter (Tiffany)  to be my assistant, so she will be handling all of my phone calls from here on in,  to get appointments for me . If you are a regular and and want  to go thru her  to make appointment you can do so , or you can text me...... However though , If its your first time,you  need to call her to get an appointment with me.  She  will give you the correct  information on how to get an appointment with me. which is filling out the submission form to the left of this message. So if you have questions about my hours or massages she can give you all that info .  She is very nice and sounds exactly like me, she even looks like me. The first person who disrespects her will not get a forwarding appointment.....

Thank you Kathryn  

 Fill out the appointment  form  to get 10% off  on the tantra & tantru packages. Basic massages are already discounted.  However you will also need to contact me immediately right after you submit your request, so I can help you set up that appointment for the following day or week ......I do not take walk -ins  or spur of the moment appointments.

Thank you