​I have been looking at having a session with Kate for a quite a while. This afternoon, I finally had the opportunity. I called Kate and made an appointment. I was running late and she was OK with it thankfully. The massage was relaxing. I did not know what types of sessions were available so I let her give me a run down of the options. She asked me what I was looking for and we found the right option. 
A session with Kate is quite different than with 99% of the providers at the locations on this site. I am OK with that and you need to be too to enjoy a session with Kate. The ST was different in a good way. 
Kate is a mature woman and is very well put together for my taste. She is willing to accommodate time requests and is open later at night for existing customers. 

 Well needless to say" I can't stay away from my Kate she is a miracle worker, her hands speak to my body  I  just went to a few places in New York that is where I am from by the way and I just could not get comfortable. I would ask the other massage therapist  do you know what LOMI LOMI is they would say" yes but they didn't  know. I don't even think they knew what I even said".  Why do these massage therapist intent on telling lies to the clients if I am going to pay $$  for a massage then it  better be a good one and if I am going to pay top $$ for a great massage  it better be well worth it. Ok well  enough venting,  so I went to lovely Kate again for the fourth time, had  to get my New year swag on" and  all I can say is wow she really has gotten better with her hands this time I went for that pelvis thrust or slide some people call it  everyone seems to be talking about  and yes I know its different for a woman but I still wanted to try it and can  I say it was great, I never had such an amazing feeling it was so, good and now I am completely hooked, I work as an accountant in New York and they have nothing like this ever., it sucks i have to travel far but I did find something out if you take the train from  Penn station and I don't use my car even for work I just take an Uber but taken the train to Linden I got right off in Linden no traffic here office is just across  the street and when I  am done I catch the  train right back to New York  so convenient.  Kate is my number one and I will always go to her.  Thanks again Kate for a lovely time once again. See you soon lovey

xoxoxo Cara  

Had another wonderful session with Kate today I know I keep saying how amazing she is her soothing voice and demeanor as well as her soft hands leave me on cloud nine every time. Not only is she a very beautiful and desirable woman but she truly enjoys what she does and makes you feel so very special lying on her table. If you ever have a chance to visit Kate please do,

I recommend her highly and I don't think anybody would be disappointed she is a gem once again thank you Kate!!

 Just had a session with Kate last time I had a massage was with a girl with a   weird name like Sunshine Suzy"  but  her massage was just as fake as her name.. I saw Kate for the third time and love every minute of it, every time she massage's  me she cradles me as she massaged me, if you  don't understand well let me explain "  I have seen Kate on several occasion's and told her I love massages where I wanted her to grab my body I showed her the you tube. video of LOMI LOMI  but yet at the same time  told her to be sexy plus I wanted her to massage my inner thighs, my entire body where my hands were at the top of my head and she used her entire  body to push thru the massage sensually and erotically moving my arms down and than back up again  so I could feel my body go into small  but ever  lasting orgasm's. Its amazing what this woman can do to me , she makes me feel so good I can barely stand it.  I love the YONI massage she gives me, yes its like tantra for women yet not a happy ending its a happy beginning every minute I am on her table. I have not found a woman that can give me what I need to de-stress the way she can  de-stress me. This is my first time review but most likely my last I just don't like to write about my moments with her. I like to think its nice and private but she ask me to write one so everyone knows she massages women, but i am not just any woman, I like women,and I like her , and no I don't have a dick but I like to be touched by a sexy woman and she knows all the right places.... So I am doing  this for her the way she does it for me.and to tell other women they should get a massage by ,

 Kate I love the way you relax me, hun. Can't wait til I see you again. XOXOXO .Cara.  


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Now I have only seen Kate twice, but the type of service she provides is fantastic. Yes she is a little pricey for what you get, but she is  nice change from the standard AMPs.......... SUBMITTED BY SNR ON SPAHUNTERS.COM

First I want to say that the pictures of this woman  on her website site do not do her justice. Yes she is a mature woman not a youngster but she is absolutely gorgeous  with an  incredible body  to match she was very sweet spoken she talked  with me at first and  explained the different options I had,  she then had me lie down on this  very comfortable table  almost felt  like laying on a bed it was that  soft  she ask " me if i was comfortable yes I said " .I told her i wanted to be  on cloud nine  and then when she was done  I really  felt like I was on cloud nine by the time she had finished she  really has amazing hands a soothing voice  and demeanor  we  finished with the tantra and can't wait to go back and get the tantru .

Her place is a tad hard to find in Linden  but it is well worth the visit  I recommed her highly 

Finally saw Kate after reading some reviews and all I can say is wow. She is awesome. Very personable (which is a plus for me ) and really looks at you as a customer and not just some guy with money. I walked in and she explained the different massages. I went with the Tantru and boy am I happy. She started off with a standard massage then she kind of moved to a soft touch but it was different in a very good way. I really enjoyed it. 10/10 highly recommend. Mott down below is def not shilling. Guys go see for yourself .............  SUBMITTED BY JRYAN  FROM SPA HUNTERS.COM