Well I have to say, when I walked into the room I surely didn't expect too much just a room , than when I saw Kathryn and the room wow it was so relaxing she ask me how I was feeling and ask if there was any thing I needed I told her I need a really good massage , but before she put me on the table , she offered me this drink I can't remember exactly what it was but it taste so good and light and it would relax me she said" I felt much more comfortable with her after that. By the way I am a woman if you didn't know . All I know was I was she did this hypnotherapy thing after I awoke I felt better than I had in years you gotta see this woman she is a gem.... Sarah M, 

New Review from YP ............
I have to say my experience with this provider/ massage therapist was exceptionally good. I have never had someone offer me something to drink as soon as I entered into a massage office/room before which I thought was very generous of Kathryn. She makes you feel comfortable and with ease she guides you and makes you feel at ease.So you don't feel any tension... The massage she gave me was nothing I have ever had before it was new and not your basic type of massage to get.... Massage envy or hand and stone, really learn from her. This woman was more intense and very sensual but not sexual but she made me feel relaxed and uplifted all at the same time.. will I come back oh for sure her she may be a bit pricey but she is always offering discounts and when she does try it out you will not regret it..... Thanks Kathryn I feel great.   Daryl S.

  • Inner Energy3:28

I saw Kate just last week,  She was very pleasant on the phone made the appt easy, she sounds very young for her age. She happens to be a middle age woman tho but  is very stunning and a beautiful body. I felt a little intimidated until she put me as ease. She is very helpful talks to you in the beginning to calm you down to get you to relax. I was completely relaxed and trusted her totally. She really know's how to do the esalen massage  I had one while I was in california I was told by one of the massage therapist in Cali, that is where it originally started from. It was an amazing massage that puts you in total relaxation......... However she did not get naked "too bad nor did I ask, maybe I should have but that was not why I was there, I never felt so good my body just felt like putty in her hands and I truly felt great. I think I might have dozed off for a bit but she didn't seem to mind. I have seen her twice now, so now she is my go to girl, oh and did I say she was prettier than her photo's WOW" Thank you Kate for an amazing massage she is the best I had so far since in Jersey that is i have to go back to  California, due to traveling  back and forth. But when i am here  I will always return to my favorite #1 MT

 I have seen Kathryn many times at various locations through the years., a few times in Linden and then in Woodbridge.I have been to the latest location a handful of times as well and I can tell you from experience the place is not dirty at all she keeps everything nice and clean and she she makes sure the sheets are warm and cozy. She is not everyone's cup of tea but she is just fine for me. I like mature women which she is and she does know her way around the body. Her hands are magical and the way she touches you makes feel you feel  like she cares., her massage is a great experience and If I lived closer I would def be there more than I already do. I think she is an attractive lady and has a great body, come on every time she moved I would catch a peek and what a great ass she has the hardest body I have ever seen for a mature woman almost a freak of nature, but I do have to say"  she is very kind and accommodating all the time. see you soon doll. Ro-man

Had my first bond- massage with Kathryn yesterday  and to tell you the truth  I didn't know what to expect but that was the exiting part about this strange and  erotic feeling of helplessness it is different  when  she ties you up  sometimes  she binds  your  hands and feet together  and you end up in  a fetal  position  or she does it all spread eagle tying each limb to the underside of each corner of the table  lying face down or on your back then she blindfolds you now you see nothing nor do you know what is going to happen. I  felt  helpless and she knew it. However  I liked that I became her toy to do with  whatever she wanted to do to me , it was like an erotic thriller  after she tied me up she was fully in charge and finally she spoke to me in this soft like voice right in my ear  only to taunt me  with her words but  not telling me what she was going to do. I was so turned on.  She knew exactly what she was doing  and she ask if she got nude would I want to touch her, you bet her sweet ass I would,I wanted her so badly I  could taste the air where she was  . I  was so turned while she was dancing around  the table driving me crazy every step of the way while massaging  making me feel good  then  slowly pouring  hot  candle wax , or  poking me with a sharp like stick that felt like a needle which kinda hurt  she started  pinching my nipples with some kind of clamp also   jabbing something sharp at my ass & balls, it was wicked but also at the same time touching me softly making me feel good every time I got so  aroused she would give me pain from something..than added a light touch sensation  that was so hot but not too much pain I have to say" but  wow so exciting. All I got to say " at this point do what she say's or she might end up tying her stockings around your balls and  she is only getting started...... So today I can feel some of the things she did to me and it makes me remember how exciting it was to be  with her.  I  will return but I have to get more funds this is a 1.5 hours of fun and its kinda expensive . Don't ask any thing of her or she will gag you, I almost for got about that and she makes you smell her feet and undies, by the way I got her undies a beautiful Victoria Secret  sexy pink lacy thong , I slept with them last night and again  tonight . Pay her  asking rate and you will get her socks or undies your choice.

Ray M 

Thank you Kathryn , my goddess , my queen